D01 -The Lucky One

  Following an Orion ambush on a war-torn planet, Doctor Maura Drake finds herself treating "The Lucky One."

Running time: 7:05 minutes
D02 - Aftermath

  Answering a distress call from a merchant ship with a warp core malfunction, the Starship Deimos rushes in to rescue the crew. Can they make it in time?
Running time: 6:09 minutes
D03 -Pas de Trois

  After responding to a distress call from a Federation colony, Captain Quinn of the Starship Deimos must try to keep the peace between two important factions who have competing interests in the sector.
Running time: 14:51 minutes

D04 -The Archive

  A Deimos landing party has found something valuable on a poisonous, icy little world. Perhaps too valuable...
Running time: 11:33 minutes
D05 - No Greater Love

  Science Officer Duras has been infected by the inhabitants of Aucilla Omega VI with an incurable disease as a warning to the crew of the Deimos. How can Captain Quinn hope to change the minds of a people like this?
Running time: 14:09 minutes
D06 - Prodigal Daughter

After surviving a shuttlecraft crash landing, the Deimos' Science Officer, Lieutenant Duras, finds herself needing of rescue, and her ownly option is the Klingon Battlecruiser Da'Spu!

Running time: 11:06 minutes

D07 - Shattered Sky

Captain Mark Stone and his landing party are trapped on a planet with a scientist who may be responsible for shattering the fabric of the universe. Can the crew of the Deimos repair the damage in space-time, or will the landing party be trapped on the planet forever?

Running time: 14:19 minutes
D08 - Deimos Factor

Space Lab Dracona IV is under attack, and is falling into a nearby star. Can the Starship Deimos get there in time and thwart the goal of the mysterious attackers?

Running time: 8:46 minutes
D09 - Where They Have Gone, We Follow

Searching for her captain and first officer on the edge of known space, Deimos faces the Federation’s greatest nightmare. As her crew races against time, Wolf Klawitter will confront a legendary evil, alone.

Running time: 16:58 minutes



Tr01 - New Orders

  After an incident, Commander Janice Rand has left the Excelsior and Captain Sulu behind. Her new orders from Commodore Eugene Alwine of Starbase 211 and the U.S.S. Triton leave her wondering what the heck is going on?

Running time: 5:47 minutes
Tr02 - The Crown Jewels of Xantharus

  Captain Mona of the Orion privateer. The Vengeful Spirit, has a special need, a need that will require the help of the dread pirate Lanclos, and a distraction the likes of which hasn't been seen before in Quadrant 9, Sector 72.

Running time: 12:35 minutes



MC01 - The Beast

  On its maiden voyage, the Hospital Ship Marie Curie finds a unique lifeform needing its medical services, and a foe who promises to be quite difficult.

Running time: 12:05 minutes



K01 - The Battle Of Alawanir

  Not all conflicts in the Alpha Quadrant involve the Federation. Battlecruiser Kupok is on a standard patrol when they receive orders to investigate the possible presence of romuluSngan in the Alawanir Nebula. Their mission is clear, but is everyone to be trusted?
Running time: 13:22 minutes
K02 - Sanctuary

  While visiting a planet to honor his brother and the crew of the To'ng, Captain Kesh finds the survivors have developed their own society, their own...sanctuary.
Running time: 7:56 minutes
K03 -A Gathering Storm

  The Starship Triton has been sent to the planet Alkarinque to make a last ditch effort to get its people to accept a treaty with the Federation, in order to protect them from Klingon occupation forces approaching their world. But the Alkarinquans don't seem to be the slightest bit concerned. If anything, they seem quite...eager...
Running time: 9:20 minutes

K04 -The Soul Of Honor

  While officiating an arranged marriage for his daughter, Captain Kesh is given a choice. Does he need to change? Does he need to stand? Only a true Klingon heart will come to understand "The Soul of Honor."
Running time: 8:39 minutes
K05 -Spirit In The Star

  Battlecruiser Kupok has been sent to investigate the loss of three of its sister ships, only to find an alien of unbelievable power. Is it a threat to the Empire?
Running time: 12:24 minutes



P01 - The Old Guys

  Written as an answer to the question, "Where are the old guys?" (in our production). As a result, we came up with this amusing explanation: As the Potemkin returns to Starbase 211, it becomes clear why there are so many "young" officers left aboard the starship.

Running time: 6:05 minutes
P02 - Care For A Lift?

  Horror upon horrors! Lieutenant Commander Shelton finds himself stuck in the turbolift with Commander Brian Reigert. The departing Reigert is reminded exactly what is meant by Project: Potemkin, and Shelton finds he may not enjoy the beginning of his new assignment.
Running time: 4:55 minutes
P03 -The Void

  The U.S.S. Potemkin is investigating the mysterious disappearances of three Federation vessels while Klingons arrive in the sector.
Running time: 31:11 minutes

P04 - Doctor's Orders

  Following the events of "The Void," Chief Medical Officer Maura Drake confronts the new helmsman, Commander Mike Delaney, on the bridge...
Running time: 5:22 minutes
P05 - Delivery

  The crew of the Potemkin investigates the sudden radio silence from the Federation colony on Harper IV...
Running time: 5:19 minutes
P06 - Miscommunication

  A landing party from the starship Potemkin has beamed down to the surface of an alien planet to repair a downed deep space probe. Pursued by aliens, a science officer dead, Communications Officer Mtume and Security Chief Frazier must find a way to communicate with the Flying Pyramids of Gaius XI..
Running time: 8:01 minutes

P07 -The Engineer's New Clothes

  Being the ship's clown has brought joy to Lieutenant Rashid Yilmaz's life, but the chief environmental officer may find he has met his match aboard the Potemkin.
Running time: 4:26 minutes
P08 -Archway

  A once populated planet is now uninhabited, and the only clue is an archway in the middle of a town square. A landing party from the Potemkin has beamed down to investigate...
Running time: 6:46 minutes
P09 - Devil In The Details

  At a Klingon country and western bar and grill at the outskirts of Klingon space, a landing party from the Potemkin encounter a unique artifact and an even more unique lifeform..
Running time: 7:41 minutes

P10 - The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky

  M-rays have been detected from a primeval world. Captain Grigory and his landing party beam down to unravel the dark secrets of this unusual planet.
Running time: 54:46 minutes
P11 - Duty Bound

  The Potemkin is beset by a pair of Orion frigates! Can Captain Grigory and his crew hold them off?
Running time: 8:33 minutes
P12 - Darkness

  While investigating a newly encountered planet, the landing party finds itself in complete and utter darkness.
Running time: 5:34 minutes

P13 - Second Contact

  The civilization on a recently contacted world is missing. What was to have been a second contact has turned into a search for the now-missing civilization!
Running time: 8:02 minutes
P14 - Ashes

  A neutron wave from a nearby star leads to the discovery of a Preserver-seeded world. The people are peaceful, benevolent, by all accounts a wonderful people...
Running time: 4:56 minutes
P15 - Beach Towel

  What's a girl to do when she's trying to help a Federation observer escape from two angry Klingon colonial marines? Why, she calls up her ship and asks for...
Running time: 5:55 minutes

P16 -Shovel Of Kahless

  Captain Grigory and Commander Kesh, of the Klingon Battlecruiser Kupok, beam down to confront angry Klingon and Human farmers on the farming world of Galt about who is killing their crops!
Running time: 7:55 minutes
P17 - Command Decision

  The Prime Directive becomes an issue for the captain and crew of the U.S.S. Potemkin as it encounters a fledgling space-faring people in the middle of a catastrophe...
Running time: 6:14 minutes
P18 - Just Once ...

  Captain Grigory and the Potemkin have the honor of transferring the retiring captain of the Athena. A life-time space veteran, Captain Peggy Spurlock, has never experienced any sort of interesting adventure...until now...
Running time: 7:40 minutes

P19- Red Sky At Night

  Lately the Federation has gained a reputation as a "Homo Sapiens Only Club," a bit of nonsense Captain Alec Grigory has summarily dismissed. But his convictions are tested when an old friend, a Starfleet cultural observer, rejects his Human heritage!
Running time: 8:40 minutes
P20 - Closing Time

  Shore Leave on a distant world is always interesting. Some of the senior officers of the Potemkin visit a unique bar owned by a rather unique proprietor with a rather unusual notion of what "closing time" means...
Running time: 5:28 minutes
P21 - Holding Pattern

  Till death do us part... Ensign T'Noshi awakens in a strange bed, in a strange house, on a strange, rainy world. Strangest of all is the man sleeping beside her. A man who claims to be her husband. Sometimes dying can be harder than living...
Running time: 12:13 minutes

P22 - Unspoken

  A landing party returns from surveying a dead world, torn apart by a nuclear holocaust. But some, some one...has beamed back to the Potemkin with them.
Running time: 4:34 minutes
P23 - The Chair

  After a long mission, the Potemkin receives an upgrade to the bridge, much to Captain Grigory's disapproval. But there's one thing that the repair crews could never replace...
Running time: 6:14 minutes
P24 - We Few ...

  A shuttlecraft from the Potemkin crash lands on an inhospitable world. Can Commander Delaney and the others survive until their rescue?
Running time: 11:01 minutes

P25 - Third Watch

  Third Watch, the middle of the night for a starship; usually a quiet shift with little of consequence to do. But tonight, the Potemkin's third watch commander, Lieutenant Sara Rose Mallon, finds herself tested as things get interesting.
Running time: 7:07 minutes
P26 - Frazier's Angels

  Dispatched to the surface of a planet, one of the Potemkin's security teams encounters refugees from a starship that were lost 30 years earlier and a rather unique butterfly collector.
Running time: 8:07 minutes
P27 -Do No Harm

  While on an away mission, a cave-in exposes a deadly secret that could have dire consequences for the crew of the Potemkin.
Running time: 12:44 minutes

P28 / K01- Battlecruiser Kupok - Battle Of Alawanir

  Not all conflicts in the Alpha Quadrant involve the Federation. Battlecruiser Kupok is on a standard patrol when they receive orders to investigate the possible presence of romuluSngan in the Alawanir Nebula. Their mission is clear, but is everyone to be trusted?
Running time: 13:22 minutes
P29 -The Last Child

  A life or death battle with a Klingon battlecruiser suddenly ends for the crew of the Potemkin when the barrier between two universes erupts and threatens to encompass the ship in a universe of its own. Time is short for Captain Grigory to decide whether or not to place his trust in a small child from another universe who appears to have the ability to control the very substance of energy itself.
Running time: 20:54 minutes
P30I - Ladies Night Out

  After a tragic mission to Shimura IV, the crew of the Potemkin takes a well-needed shore leave. But their ladies night out turns eerie as their visit coincides with the arrival of the Klingon Barge of the Dead.
Running time: 8:17 minutes

P31 -The Talinar Incident

  When the crew of the U.S.S. Potemkin find themselves in the middle of a dispute between the Klingons and Andorians, Chief Engineer Dutch Mooney must diffuse the situation while protecting a secret device the Andorian’s have aboard their ship.
Running time: 8:12 minutes
P32 -The Hunt

  A landing party from the Potemkin is engaged in a search for a new medicine found on what is purported to be an uninhabited planet. Yeah, right! Can Commander Cooper and the landing party solve the mystery of 'The Hunt'?
Running time: 10:31 minutes
P33 -All in a Day's Work

  “All in a Day’s Work” has the crew of the Potemkin dealing with one of those days where nothing seems to go the way it ought to. Can Commander Moody hold things together until Captain Grigory returns from Starbase 211?
Running time: 8:27 minutes

P34 -Inquiry

  Captain Grigory has been recalled to Starbase 211 for an official "Inquiry" regarding the behavior of Ensign T'Noshi on the planet Sumaya.
Running time: 5:39 minutes
P35 -Destinies

  The Potemkin is trapped in a Romulan ambush! Help is on the way, but can they hold out until it arrives? This is the finale of the Project: Potemkin series.
Running time: 7:38 minutes
P36 -Room Service

  It is a time of change. The crew of the Potemkin has been cast unto the winds, some together, some separately, each with differing destinies. For T'Noshi and Dr. Mathias, they're embarking on a relationship with a new friend and a new assignment...

Running time: 7:37 minutes



T01 - Moving Day

  Doctor Skep Anderson is settling in aboard the Tristan as its new chief medical officer when he receives a deep space call from his brother, Sam.

Running time: 10:38 minutes
T02 - Relics & Regrets

  Dr. Skep Anderson receives some life-changing news from Lt. Privette.
Running time: 7:14 minutes
T03 -The Chronicles of Lanclos

  On a Klingon farming planet, Captain Walker of the U.S.S. Tristan finds himself a fellow prisoner with Captain Lanclos, a notorious pirate! Can they put aside their differences and escape before their execution?
Running time: 8:59 minutes

T04 - The Greater Good

  A son comes to terms with his father on what it means to be a Halkan serving in Starfleet.
Running time: 6:27 minutes
T05 - Be Careful What You Wish For

  Dr. Anderson is sent on an away mission to confer with a specialist about a deadly humanoid disease that Humans are supposed to be immune.
Running time: 15:00 minutes
T06 - Between Two Worlds

  The crew of the Tristan encounter a lost colony without electrical power. Can T'Noshi and Mycroft solve the mystery before the ship itself is caught in the same predicament? Meanwhile, Dr. Anderson discovers another Vulcan has joined Tristan's crew. Skep's yet unexplained hostility towards his mother's species threatens to boil over!
Running time: 30:05 minutes

T07 - The Monsters Are With Us

  After finding no inhabitants on a class M planet, Captain Walker, Lieutenant Privette and Ensign Raven return to the Tristan, only to find themselves in an unusual predicament!
Running time: 14:17 minutes
T08 - Departures

  Captain Walker leads an away team to the surface of Morada III in answer to a distress call from a landing party led by Dr. Mathias. Can they reach the good doctor in time
Running time: 7:49 minutes
T09 - The Voice Of Your Blood


The Tristan has returned to JoJuri III with a cure for the Gualloxian virus. Much has changed with the JoJurian people in the nine months since, and they have become curious about their Klingon roots. Perhaps dangerously so...

Running time: 14:31 minutes

T10 - Seeing Red

  After beaming down to a planet to track down the source of an odd energy reading, Science Officer Liu and Security Cadet Mason find more than they bargained for!
Running time:7:56 minutes
T11 - Sepulchre

  The starship Tristan is sent to investigate the site of an alien space disaster, only to find themselves in a crisis of their own making!
Running time: 10:30 minutes
T12 - Pride and Prejudice

  Following orders from Captain Walker, Commander Eva Privette unintentionally creates havoc in the life of Dr. Anderson, when he is forced grapple with a personal demon he rather would just go away. When logic isn't enough, can love be enough when the object of your affection crosses the line?
Running time: 14:46 minutes

T13 - A Look In The Mirror

  After Comm Officer H'ressa suffers a critical injury, Doctor Gray and Science Officer Liu discover there's more than meets the eye about the lieutenant.
Running time: 8:46 minutes
T14 - Distant Echoes (Part 1)

  Newly appointed as the commanding officer of the Tristan, Captain Eva Privette finds herself in an unusual situation: isolated from the ship, surrounded by an energy field, and being interrogated by an alien entity who has chosen a disturbingly familiar form for its appearance.
Running time: 10:49 minutes
T15 - Distant Echoes (Part 2)

  Captain Eva Privette of the U.S.S. Tristan is still trapped in an unusual situation: isolated from the ship, surrounded by an energy field, and being interrogated by an alien entity which has taken the form of her long dead brother. Meanwhile, the crew is powerless to rescue her from her predicament...
Running time: 9:58 minutes
T16 - Deception

  Science Officer T'Noshi infiltrates a renegade Vulcan group only to be caught. Her only recourse is to create doubt in their leader through any means necessary.
Running time: 5:12 minutes



E01 - The GIft

  The crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour have happened upon the famous missing ship, the Geschenk. But what is the ship doing out so far from Federation space, and what has happened to its crew?

Running time: 12:53 minutes
E02 - The Monolith (Part 1)

  When colonists begin to disappear, the Endeavour is sent into harms way to uncover the mystery of the mining operation on planetoid L-31.
Running time: 11:36 minutes
E03 - The Monolith (Part 2)

  When a mineral compound for promising medical advancements escapes to threaten the entire galaxy, the crew of the Endeavour have one chance to stop it in its tracks. But at what cost?
Running time: 7:30 minutes



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